Blackmagic Multibridge Pro 2 & Eclipse

The Multibridge Pro 2 from Blackmagic is an industrial editing system and format converter.


Blackmagic Design Multibridge Pro 2 Specs:

This device is intended for work with SD, HD, and 2K film in broadcast and post-production work. It will connect to virtually any signal format, allowing you to work with a wider range of hardware devices in your setup.

It is compatible with SDI, 3Gbps SDI, HDMI, and analog video signals. It also supports multi-channel audio and both NTSC and PAL standards. The unit is ideal for work with equipment such as Betacam SP, HD set-top boxes, HDV cameras, digital Betacam, HDCAM, HD-D5, HDCAM SR, and audio mixers, among many other possibilities.

It is fully compatible with SD, HD, and 2K in 4:4:4 or 4:2:2 formats on a single BNC cable. 2K can also be managed via an SDI connection for high-resolution real-time 2048 x 1556 editing.

Editing System & Converter
Use this device to edit and convert a wide range of video signals, thereby increasing the versatility of your setup.
Multi-Format Support
This unit is also compatible with a number of industry-standard cameras and components, allowing you to build out a custom system that meets your exact needs.


(1) genlock & HD tri-sync
(1) HDMI (1) analog video (YUV/NTSC/PAL/S-video in HD or SD)
(2) 3Gbps SDI (SD, HD, or 2K) (2) balanced audio


(1) HDMI
(2) 3Gbps SDI (SD, HD, or 2K)
(8) AES/EBU digital audio
(2) balanced audio
(2) HiFi monitoring channels


(1) RS-422
(1) USB type A
(1) PCI Express connection